Professional development and academic background
Forum Assessment e.V.
Is a cooperation of HR specialists from companies, service industry, sciences and public administration. In the range of the topics assessment, learning and development Forum Assessment offers an opportunity to exchange, use and optimize scientific results and practical work experience in the fields of selection processes and HR development. The key objective of Forum Assessment is promoting quality processes in HR topics, for example by deriving quality standards for central fields of suitability diagnostics and personnel development. Marion Boegl is a member of AKAC since 1998. She is member of the board since 2009 and CEO of Forum Assessment since 2016.

Coaching, Consulting and Mediation
On Change Management Processes and Leadership-Coaching, in topics concerning systemic process improvement and in business mediation, which we could not realize by ourselves because of capacity or other reasons, we cooperate with our partner Martin Ahmann in Munich.

Heritage and successors planning
Conflicts often occur as a result of decisions concerning successors planning and heritage. Mediation has proven to be a versatile tool to avoid such conflicts to arise or to sustainably clarify the topics underlying the upcoming conflict by an elaborate method to create a basis for future cooperation.
In “EU Mediation” multifunctional mediators with different professional backgrounds and work experiences group together. Therefore we can offer a team of mediators tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of the case.

International projects Hungary / EU
In cross-border projects in Europe and especially in Hungary we cooperate with our partner Attila Kelemen, Managing Director of Ben & Loch Lomond International Consulting Inc. located in Budapest.
In particular we work on mediation processes emerging in the cooperation between German and Hungarian partners or conflict parties.


Marion Bögl, Marion Bögel, Marion Boegl, Marion Boegel