Facilitation of mediation processes in compliance with
the legal regulations and the ethics of the profession

Mediation is a process for clearing controversy and
conflicts through communication, co-operation and negotiation
to reach resolution, whenever possible.

Mediation is a conversation between conflicting parties
which is carried out with the support and coordination of a neutral third party,
the mediator, who is without decision-making power but helps with negotiations.

Mediation is especially useful where parties wish or need
to remain partners in the future.

Mediation can handle all personal aspects and all factual topics of a conflict. Specific content of the mediation is to be determined by the parties involved.
The mediator is responsible for designing the structure of the process and managing the mediation proceedings. Possible solutions will be developed by
the parties and, if necessary, documented on a legally binding basis.

Compared to other processes, mediation is relatively quick,
efficient and cost effective.

For more information about the planning,
process and the basic principles of mediation please contact us.

More information on the (German) Law on Mediation.



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